Bikehangar on Adamsrill Close

Closed 11 Dec 2018

Opened 13 Nov 2018


As part of our plans to help encourage more active travel in Enfield, we're providing secure on street cycle parking for those residents that request it. These bike hangars provide secure parking for up-to six bikes, enabling easy access to bikes for those short local journeys. 

Approval granted for installation of one bike hangar at Adamsrill Close

The installation of a bike hangar will be beneficial in terms of efficient use of limited road space and encouraging active and sustainable travel in line with the Mayor's Transport Strategy. The uptake of cycling will have a significant positive impact on both the health of our residents and efficiency of the transport network.  lt should also be noted that bike hangars are temporary structures so can be moved if there are unforeseen issues or demand is much lower than expected.

A full report is available below


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