Fox Lane

Closed 26 Nov 2017

Opened 1 Nov 2017

Results Updated 10 Oct 2018

The following decision will come into effect from Monday 8 October.


It is recommended that:


The scheme be implemented with some modifications to take into account the various comments received namely:


  1. Provision of a neighbourhood zone encouraging lower speeds with entry treatments using signs and planters
  2. Provision of speed humps in Fox Lane
  3. “3D speed cushion” markings in Devonshire Road
  4. Informal crossing point at Amberley Road / Fox Lane junction
  5. Point No Entry on Meadway
  6. School Street in Cannon Street


The following is also noted:

  1. Road narrowing, other than at junctions, is not progressed
  2. Measures for the Meadway / Greenway junction will be brought forward for consultation with ward councillors and local residents

A full report is available via the following report pack



We have plans to make improvements to these roads to help calm traffic and create a safe route to help more people walk and cycle.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Community