Jubilee CPZ

Closed 7 Sep 2018

Opened 9 Aug 2018

Results expected 5 Oct 2018


Residents, shoppers, local businesses and others currently compete for limited on-street parking space in the Tramway Avenue area, particularly in Tramway Avenue itself. New parking controls at the flats and loss of parking on the High Street have added to the local demand.

Enfield Council is now seeking views on its proposals for a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), which would offer better balance to local parking arrangements and give priority to residents of Tramway Avenue and Causeyware Road for space within the public highway.

Why We Are Consulting

Enfield Council is confident that some form of zonal parking control will prove popular with households in Tramway Avenue, whose residents have made numerous enquiries on the topic in recent times.

The Council is consulting for the 4 reasons given below:

(1) To establish the level of support for such a scheme.

(2) To see which control period is most favoured.

(3) To see if residents of Causeyware Road wish to be included in the zone.

(4) To make residents of the area aware of the propsals and to seek their comments before plans are finalised or taken forward.

Comments and Questions: The Council is interested in your comments, which can be added at the end of the survey. For help with the survey, for clarification on what is being proposed, or to seek an answer to a direct question, please call the Traffic Team on 020 8379 3474 before completing your response.

What Happens Next

The Council will consider the comments submitted and decide whether to take forward the scheme.

Should the scheme go forward, the Council will aim to introduce the new parking restrictions before the end of the year.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Community