Osborne Road and Windsor Road CPZ

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Closes 22 Feb 2019


Dear Resident,

Please study the proposals and complete the following questions.

Plan of Proposals

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1. What is your name? (Optional)

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3. What road do you live on?

4. Please provide your door number

5. What is your post code?

6. Zonal parking schemes offer benefits, but also have some drawbacks and limitations. Do you agree that, on balance, zonal parking controls across the area shown are a good idea?

7. Do you support these proposals being introduced in your particular street?

8. My favoured control period (across the week) would be...

9. What are your thoughts on the proposed motorcycle parking?

10. What are your thoughts on the proposed cycle hangars?

11. Do you have any other comments on the zonal parking proposals?

12. If you submitted comments, do you intend these as a formal objection to the scheme?